Friday Running Club News 19/9/14

In a continuation of the speed development program we are currently undertaking the team were focused on a quick time round the 4mile route. Mandy was first in, with a fantastic performance! She has improved on every run for the last 4 now! and today was no different as she took another 30s of last weeks time to set a new PB of 8m46s. Well done Mandy! She was closely followed by Sharon, who was just outside last weeks time. Greg also had a good run and matched his fantastic performance on this route last week. Also today we had Lindsey and Jules who have been away from the Friday Running Club for a while. It was great to see them today and they ran together for the first time, proving that the running club is also about making friends and having fun as well as getting fit and healthy! Well done ladies on your 9m35s per mile run!!

Last time on this route next week and hopefully I will be able to join you!!


Name 19/09/2014 Speed
Lindsey 4.00 00:38:20 00:09:35
Greg 4.00 00:42:44 00:10:41
Juliette 4.00 00:38:20 00:09:35
Sharon 4.00 00:37:02 00:09:15
Mandy 4.00 00:35:04 00:08:46


Running Club News 15/9/14

It was “the day after” today!!! The day after the Victory 10k for most and for Charles the day after a cross country 10k up North somewhere. Charles did fantastic in his 10k though – 59:54, and, for most of it, running on gravel. The rest of the runners ran the 10k in Portsmouth, you can see the results at

Tonight was really a cool down from the weekend for most, and although the runners were given a choice of 3, 4 or 5 miles they all opted for the longer distance!! This phase of the Great South Run preparation is focusing on speed, with a fast route planned the 6 runners set off. There was no Sat Nav this evening as he is too fit at the moment and needed to loaf a little more to get to our level. His daughter took on his mantra though and soon found herself off the route following Greg. I am not sure exactly how far they ran this evening but they finished the run coming from a totally different direction to everyone else!! Like father like daughter!! Although Mags did blame Greg and not her Dad this time! Tom was one of the few runners who wasn’t involved in a race at the weekend, and he used the speed circuit to good effect beating his previous runs PB by 6seconds per mile, well done Tom!! Sharon also had a great run, consistent as ever she finished in exactly the same average as her last run!! Alistair did the pace setting for everyone this evening and with both Charles and Alistair wearing their orange B&Q 10k tops it was a case of a Sharon finishing as a rose between two oranges!  Well done to all this evening!

Same routes next week team!!

Name 15/09/2014 Speed
Maggie 4.83 00:50:52 00:10:32
Charles 4.83 00:46:44 00:09:41
Alistair 4.83 00:44:14 00:09:09
Greg 4.83 00:50:20 00:10:25
Sharon 4.83 00:45:21 00:09:23
Tom 4.83 00:44:44 00:09:16


Victory 10k 2014 Results

New life Training is a Running Club based in Warsash. We run on a Monday Evening and Friday morning with the annual focus of achieving the Great South Run as a team!! For more information on the club go to –

As part of the preparation for the Great South Run a group of runners from New life Training Running Club participated in the Victory 10k in Portsmouth. It is a fairly flat route so good times and speed are often the focus. The weather was perfect if a little warm for the run, but that didn’t effect the runners too much. First to finish for the NLT Runners was Rob, his 46m 47s was a great time and 41st overall in the race! Nick was second, having had trouble with his calf muscles in the week is was great to see Nick finish the race and in such a quick time too, just over 8 mins per mile! That was 35 seconds better than his time on this run 2 years ago! Alistair also beat his previous time on this run and was just outside the 9mins per mile average, Great run Alistair, Well done!!

Sue was next, finishing just 4th in her category and only 30seconds outside of the top 3!!! Just two places behind on the 10k route was Mandy with her first competitive run with New Life Training, and hopefully a few more to come on this performance. Jo was less than a minute behind and clearly needs to train without music to get used to pace setting without the Prodigy helping!!

Lindsey had run 3 times this week already, including 5k yesterday and it may have been a run too far today, but her time was very respectable and a strong finish saw her average 10m 13s per mile. Greg had a great run, pacing himself much better today, he started of slower and sped up through the run. It was the perfect run for Greg and his 10m 30s average was an amazing 4th fastest in his category!!! Well done Greg! Henry unfortunately had a hamstring twinge on route which hindered his time. He still managed 3rd place in his category though, so very respectable.

As always the organisation and marshalls for the run were brilliant and everyone had a great time. Well done team, see you tomorrow for some more running!!

The next 10k race we have scheduled is the Stubbington 10k, last year we missed out as it was fully subscribed. Make sure you book in early now as entries are open, Click HERE to book in!!

Position Name Chip Time Ave speed (Min/mile) Category Position
41 Rob 00:46:47 00:07:31 9
67 Nick 00:50:30 00:08:06 6
121 Alistair 00:56:25 00:09:03 46
127 Sue 00:56:55 00:09:08 4
129 Mandy 00:57:18 00:09:12 18
134 Jo 00:58:05 00:09:19 20
161 Lindsey 01:03:37 00:10:13 27
170 Greg 01:05:24 00:10:30 4
177 Henry 01:10:27 00:11:18 3



Friday Running Club News 12/9/14

Today was the start of the speed phase of the preparation for the Great South Run. The runners got straight in to the spirit of the day too with some fantastic performances. Jo, Sharon and Mandy all ran together at the beginning, taking it in turns to set the pace before Jo and Mandy made a break for the front in a speedy finish! They crossed the line together with both achieving Personal Best Averages with the running club. For Jo it was her first sub- 9min per mile average and an awesome achievement. For Mandy the 8m53s took 30s per mile off her first run with the club just 2 weeks ago and at this rate of improvement she could be in the prize money at the Great South Run this year!! Sharon had a great finish too, completing the run just 4 seconds per mile outside her PB with a very sore foot as well!!! Greg found it tough going this morning, but without a running partner and pace setter it can be tough. I will be back next week to run with you Greg….hopefully!!

Good Luck to all the runners attending this Sundays Victory 10k in Portsmouth.

Name 12/09/2014 Speed
Greg 4.00 00:42:42 00:10:41
Sharon 4.00 00:36:46 00:09:11
Jo F 4.00 00:35:32 00:08:53
Mandy 4.00 00:35:32 00:08:53


Running Club News 8/9/14

As part of the preparation for the Great South Run we worked on Energy systems and fitness levels this evening.

It was a great turn out especially as no-one really knew what to expect until they got there. It was great to see a few people back, Juliette was back from a month away and Kat was back after her holiday. Also there this evening was Charles, Alistair, Greg, Mike, Jo, Sandy, Mags, Jodi, Sharon and Mandy. There was also a new boy there, he looked a little like Sat Nav but without the headband and a lot faster!!

The first part of the session involved the speed ladder. Several combination to work the running muscles, developing strength, power and speed. It was also a lot of fun as some of the combinations showed who had dancing feet and who had 2 left feet!! It certainly got the heart rates going well.

The second section of the evening focused on the anaerobic threshold. Pushing this threshold up will drive fitness levels up allowing you to run harder for longer. You can find out more about Anaerobic Threshold at

To work this well we split in to pairs and undertook repeated sprint races up the hill. For Me, paired with Mike, it meant a full out sprint to keep up with him with a peak speed of 3m 32s per mile (if only I could do that for a mile!!). As many of you know my heart rate isn’t the fastest and it reached a personal high of 167 this evening!! For many of the runners their heart rates would also peak quite high, making their Cardio-respiratory system more efficient over time. There were some great races in pairs as well. Greg and Sharon were well matched with 3 very close finishes. Sat Nav and Charles had a great run, with Charles employing some interesting tactics on the way up the hill. Well done to all the runners/Sprinters this evening as everyone put 100% in to this evenings sessions, and although some may be a little stiff in the legs tomorrow it will all be worth it for a slightly quicker time round the Great South Run.

Next week we start work on Speed with a flat-ish route!! We also have the the Victory 10k next Sunday, I will be sending out an itinery at some point tomorrow. If you are running and dont receive the e-mail please chase me! If you haven’t enrolled yet, I believe there are still spaces available at

Friday Running Club 5/9/14

Last session on this route this morning and it was a good run all round. Jo had a great run taking 10seconds off her previous weeks time and keeping her average close to the 9mins per mile mark! While Mandy took 10seconds per mile off of her PB in only her 2nd run with the club. She was motivated round by Sharon who was also faster per mile than her run on Monday. It was Alistair today who did the overall pace setting though, neither Mark or Pete could catch him today as he recorded his 3rd consecutive run in under 9mins per mile! Well done Alistair, your fitness levels are certainly much improved on last year! Pete, trying out a new strap on his knee, had no problems with today’s route and finished in under 9mins per mile as well to complete a good week for the running club.

New routes next Friday and a special session for this Mondays club!!


Name 05/09/2014 Speed
Mark 4.20 00:37:31 00:08:56
Pete 4.20 00:37:31 00:08:56
Sharon 4.20 00:38:55 00:09:16
Jo F 4.20 00:38:42 00:09:13
Mandy 4.20 00:38:38 00:09:12
Alistair 4.2 00:36:51 00:08:46


Running Club News 1/9/14

This evening was the last run focused on fitness levels. It was greeted with a sigh of relief as the runners realised they didn’t have to run up Raley Road anymore!! As we get closer to the Great South Run the club tends to swell and we had good numbers this evening. A big welcome to Mandy, who ran for the first time with the club this evening. She came along with Sharon and between them they covered the 5.4m tough circuit in a great time, averaging a fantastic 9m 23s per mile, very impressive. Both ladies are running the Great South Run this year as are many of this evenings runners.

Chris is also new to the running club, although he has attended once before this is the first recorded session for him. He did fantastic, pushing himself right to the end and finishing with a 9m 34s average per mile. Brilliant!! Also back this evening from a long break was Tom, he has been away for several months, but returned this evening to put in a PB on a very tough circuit, his 9m 22s average was the best run for the running club since he started, well done Tom. Also putting in a PB for the 2nd consecutive run this evening was Mike. His sprint up Raley Road certainly helped as he took 9 seconds off his last time to record a PB of….wait for it!…6m 44s !!!! Awesome!!!

There were some great runs this evening again with Jo (8 seconds) and Alistair (5 seconds) just missing out on Personal Bests. Jo had been a little naughty in the early stages of the run, encouraging Greg to sprint up the hills in Dibles, Greg managed it perfectly well and kept up for the first half of the run, but left little in the tank on the return part of the run and fell back, his 10m 31s was still a very respectable time and the fitness benefit from sprinting the hills will put him in good-stead for the coming weeks.

Maggie and Sat Nav were back after a couple of weeks holiday and straight in to a tough run, but they managed it non-stop and in a great time under 11mins per mile, well done team! Sandy was also back after several weeks away but his fitness levels are no less as his 9m 20s average was the same as 4 weeks ago on an easier route!! Pete was back, and although his knee is still troublesome and he was carrying several extra pasties after 2 weeks in Cornwall, he still managed an “i’m taking it easy today!” 8m 37s! I hate to see him when he isn’t taking it easy!

Well done to all the runners. Next week we are to do something a little different, but still focusing on fitness levels for the GSR!!

Name 01/09/2014 Speed
Mark 5.40 00:47:08 00:08:44
Sandy S 5.40 00:50:26 00:09:20
Pete 5.40 00:46:30 00:08:37
Mike Y 5.40 00:36:23 00:06:44
Jo F 5.40 00:49:57 00:09:15
Mike H 5.40 00:57:25 00:10:38
Maggie 5.40 00:57:25 00:10:38
Alistair 5.40 00:47:08 00:08:44
Greg 5.40 00:56:49 00:10:31
Sharon 5.4 00:50:42 00:09:23
Chris 5.4 00:51:39 00:09:34
Tom 5.4 00:50:34 00:09:22
Mandy 5.4 00:50:42 00:09:23

Friday Running Club News 14/8 – 28/8/14

With the preparation for the Great South Run in full swing the Friday Runners have been focused on speed for the last few weeks to complement the training sessions on Monday that focus on fitness currently. The route has been fairly flat (for Warsash) which has allowed the runners to put in some good times and push themselves round the 4.2mile route. This morning saw Sharon put in a new PB for her recent sessions with the Running Club, finishing just outside the 9mins per mile marker. While Nick finished just under 8mins per mile for the first time this year as he continues his recovery from his knee injury. This was a fantastic run and shows great improvement in just 1 week! Sue also had a fantastic run today, she hit 8m 49s a new Personal Best for Sue with the running club, she is looking more and more confident with her running at the moment, which is showing in her times. Well done Sue! Jo also had a great run today, had she had her watch with her she would’ve beaten her previous weeks time, instead she only just finished outside.

New routes next week, but we will continue to focus on a shorter route on Fridays and focus on speed work for now.

Name 14/08/2014 Speed 21/08/2014 Speed 02/08/2014 Speed
Mark 4.20 00:39:20 00:09:22 4.20 00:40:57 00:09:45 4.20 00:33:33 00:07:59
Nick C #DIV/0! #DIV/0! 4.20 00:33:33 00:07:59
Charles 4.20 00:39:20 00:09:22 #DIV/0! #DIV/0!
Greg 4.20 00:40:21 00:09:36 4.20 00:40:44 00:09:42 #DIV/0!
Sue #DIV/0! #DIV/0! 4.20 00:37:01 00:08:49
Sharon #DIV/0! #DIV/0! 4.20 00:38:16 00:09:07
Jo F #DIV/0! 4.20 00:39:02 00:09:18 4.20 00:39:23 00:09:23


Running Club News 25/8/14

Perfect timing for this evenings running club in Warsash. After a deluge of constant rain all day the sun broke through for the hour we were running this evening. This was the 2nd week working on peoples fitness levels in preparation for the Great South Run which is now 9 weeks away!! The idea was to push yourself hard up the hills to raise your anaerobic threshold with an active recovery on the following downhill section. One person who openly detests hills in Greg, but he has been working hard on this part of his running and tonight it really showed. He was even spotted sprinting up Heath Road North! Awesome. His final time was an 61 seconds faster than the same route last week. Great improvement. It wasn’t the biggest improvement of the night though. That was reserved for Alistair who had an amazing run, pushing himself right to the limit this evening, he beat last weeks time by an amazing 2m 55s to record his fastest run since June, and that was a 4mile flat run!!! Well done Alistair, your fitness levels are markedly better than this time last year!!

We had Sharon and Kat back this week and both had a great run together. They had managed a run together mid-week as well which really helped. Kat found this week easier, a sure sign that your fitness level is improving! Well done!! Jo was a little slower this week after her PB run last week, but still had a great performance.

It was also a big welcome back to Bruce and George this evening. Neither have managed to get to running club for a few weeks and decided to run together on the slightly shorter but still taxing 4mile route. A good return to the running club as neither stopped on the route and managed a very respectable 45mins.

Next week is the last attempt on this route, so make sure you book in to work your fitness levels before we move on to speed work!!

Name 25/08/2014 Speed
Bruce 4.00 00:45:28 00:11:22
Mark 5.40 00:47:05 00:08:43
Jo F 5.40 00:49:49 00:09:14
Alistair 5.40 00:47:03 00:08:43
Greg 5.40 00:52:40 00:09:45
Georgina 4.00 00:45:28 00:11:22
Cat 5.40 00:54:40 00:10:07
Sharon 5.40 00:54:40 00:10:07



Running Club News 18/8/14

Today’s session marked the start of the 10 week plan towards the Great South Run. You can see the plan at For the first 3 weeks of the plan we are focused on Fitness levels and particular raising the lactate threshold to allow the runners to run further at a faster speed. To do this we included several hills in to the planned route. The idea is for the runners to push themselves as hard as they can up the hills and then use the following downhill phase as a running recovery, so slowing down and allowing you to catch your breath. This training isn’t designed produce any quick times but will assist massively with the GSR preparation. The 2nd block of 3 runs will focus more on speed with a flatter route that the runners can blast! Then the final 3 runs, plus the 10 mile route at Lee-on-Solent will be putting it all together.

For this evenings run it was great to see so many people come back to the club to start preparing for the GSR. Everyone here this evening except 1 has registered for the Great South. But it is not too late, if you are thinking of running it yourself book on-line now and join us on Mondays to ensure you are in the peak of fitness for the event.

It was a big welcome back to Sharon this evening. She has entered the Great South with her friend Kat, who was new to the Warsash Running Club. Both did extremely well. Kat finishing the route in just over 10mins per mile, a fantastic achievement for her first outing. Sharon herself had a great run finishing in style with a 9m 50s average.

As stated it is a tough route with the emphasis on fitness, however we had two PBs this evening as the runners really did push themselves hard. Firstly Mike, clearly liking the hills, achieved a new Personal Best with a 6m46s average, that is really quick and I imagine that is only going to get quicker over the next 2 weeks. Also achieving her PB with the club was Jo, it was her first run back since her holiday and having shifted 3 tonnes of concrete the day before I think she was using her aggression to get herself round. It worked as she finished in a fantastic 9m 06s per mile, closing in now on the sub 9min per mile threshold. She finished just behind her mum, Sue, who was only just outside her PB with 9m 03s, her fastest run since May!

It was also great to see Nick C back at the running club. His knee is much stronger these days but he hasn’t done many runs over 5k recently so this was a good test for him. A test he passed with flying colours has his 8m 13s per mile shows! Alistair really enjoyed this evenings course, he completed it non-stop and really pushed himself on the hills, his fitness levels are a huge improvement on this time last year and we could see him smashing last years time on the GSR! The same could be said for Greg, not a big fan of the hills, but he persevered and his time of under 10mins per mile shows he too is making great progress. Charles also had a great run, and having attended the Friday running club alongside Greg, the extra session will certainly pay off. Friday Running Club is back on for the next 10 weeks for people to get an extra run in. 9.15am at the Rec.

Well done to all the runners this evening, you all worked really hard and will certainly get the benefit.

As discussed, so far I have 5 booked on the Victory 10k in Portsmouth on the 14th September. I have just booked myself on today so there are still places available. click here to book –


Name 18/08/2014 Speed
Mark 5.40 00:44:25 00:08:14
Mike Y 5.40 00:36:32 00:06:46
Sue 5.40 00:48:52 00:09:03
Jo F 5.40 00:49:10 00:09:06
Charles 5.40 00:51:58 00:09:37
Alistair 5.40 00:49:58 00:09:15
Greg 5.40 00:53:41 00:09:56
Cat 5.40 00:54:36 00:10:07
Nick C 5.40 00:44:24 00:08:13
Sharon 5.40 00:53:08 00:09:50