Running Club News 25/8/14

Perfect timing for this evenings running club in Warsash. After a deluge of constant rain all day the sun broke through for the hour we were running this evening. This was the 2nd week working on peoples fitness levels in preparation for the Great South Run which is now 9 weeks away!! The idea was to push yourself hard up the hills to raise your anaerobic threshold with an active recovery on the following downhill section. One person who openly detests hills in Greg, but he has been working hard on this part of his running and tonight it really showed. He was even spotted sprinting up Heath Road North! Awesome. His final time was an 61 seconds faster than the same route last week. Great improvement. It wasn’t the biggest improvement of the night though. That was reserved for Alistair who had an amazing run, pushing himself right to the limit this evening, he beat last weeks time by an amazing 2m 55s to record his fastest run since June, and that was a 4mile flat run!!! Well done Alistair, your fitness levels are markedly better than this time last year!!

We had Sharon and Kat back this week and both had a great run together. They had managed a run together mid-week as well which really helped. Kat found this week easier, a sure sign that your fitness level is improving! Well done!! Jo was a little slower this week after her PB run last week, but still had a great performance.

It was also a big welcome back to Bruce and George this evening. Neither have managed to get to running club for a few weeks and decided to run together on the slightly shorter but still taxing 4mile route. A good return to the running club as neither stopped on the route and managed a very respectable 45mins.

Next week is the last attempt on this route, so make sure you book in to work your fitness levels before we move on to speed work!!

Name 25/08/2014 Speed
Bruce 4.00 00:45:28 00:11:22
Mark 5.40 00:47:05 00:08:43
Jo F 5.40 00:49:49 00:09:14
Alistair 5.40 00:47:03 00:08:43
Greg 5.40 00:52:40 00:09:45
Georgina 4.00 00:45:28 00:11:22
Cat 5.40 00:54:40 00:10:07
Sharon 5.40 00:54:40 00:10:07



Running Club News 18/8/14

Today’s session marked the start of the 10 week plan towards the Great South Run. You can see the plan at For the first 3 weeks of the plan we are focused on Fitness levels and particular raising the lactate threshold to allow the runners to run further at a faster speed. To do this we included several hills in to the planned route. The idea is for the runners to push themselves as hard as they can up the hills and then use the following downhill phase as a running recovery, so slowing down and allowing you to catch your breath. This training isn’t designed produce any quick times but will assist massively with the GSR preparation. The 2nd block of 3 runs will focus more on speed with a flatter route that the runners can blast! Then the final 3 runs, plus the 10 mile route at Lee-on-Solent will be putting it all together.

For this evenings run it was great to see so many people come back to the club to start preparing for the GSR. Everyone here this evening except 1 has registered for the Great South. But it is not too late, if you are thinking of running it yourself book on-line now and join us on Mondays to ensure you are in the peak of fitness for the event.

It was a big welcome back to Sharon this evening. She has entered the Great South with her friend Kat, who was new to the Warsash Running Club. Both did extremely well. Kat finishing the route in just over 10mins per mile, a fantastic achievement for her first outing. Sharon herself had a great run finishing in style with a 9m 50s average.

As stated it is a tough route with the emphasis on fitness, however we had two PBs this evening as the runners really did push themselves hard. Firstly Mike, clearly liking the hills, achieved a new Personal Best with a 6m46s average, that is really quick and I imagine that is only going to get quicker over the next 2 weeks. Also achieving her PB with the club was Jo, it was her first run back since her holiday and having shifted 3 tonnes of concrete the day before I think she was using her aggression to get herself round. It worked as she finished in a fantastic 9m 06s per mile, closing in now on the sub 9min per mile threshold. She finished just behind her mum, Sue, who was only just outside her PB with 9m 03s, her fastest run since May!

It was also great to see Nick C back at the running club. His knee is much stronger these days but he hasn’t done many runs over 5k recently so this was a good test for him. A test he passed with flying colours has his 8m 13s per mile shows! Alistair really enjoyed this evenings course, he completed it non-stop and really pushed himself on the hills, his fitness levels are a huge improvement on this time last year and we could see him smashing last years time on the GSR! The same could be said for Greg, not a big fan of the hills, but he persevered and his time of under 10mins per mile shows he too is making great progress. Charles also had a great run, and having attended the Friday running club alongside Greg, the extra session will certainly pay off. Friday Running Club is back on for the next 10 weeks for people to get an extra run in. 9.15am at the Rec.

Well done to all the runners this evening, you all worked really hard and will certainly get the benefit.

As discussed, so far I have 5 booked on the Victory 10k in Portsmouth on the 14th September. I have just booked myself on today so there are still places available. click here to book –


Name 18/08/2014 Speed
Mark 5.40 00:44:25 00:08:14
Mike Y 5.40 00:36:32 00:06:46
Sue 5.40 00:48:52 00:09:03
Jo F 5.40 00:49:10 00:09:06
Charles 5.40 00:51:58 00:09:37
Alistair 5.40 00:49:58 00:09:15
Greg 5.40 00:53:41 00:09:56
Cat 5.40 00:54:36 00:10:07
Nick C 5.40 00:44:24 00:08:13
Sharon 5.40 00:53:08 00:09:50




Running Club News 28/7/14 – 11/8/14

Firstly a big thank you to Bruce who covered running club for me while I was on holiday. I am pleased to say everything went extremely well in my absence and all the runners performed fantastic. It means that I have 3 weeks of results to write up today and 3 reviews to describe -

This evenings Running club was great – weather was perfect and a good turn-out. We all did the longest (5-mile) route and felt very proud of ourselves. Pete and “Sat Nav” ran together and pushed each other well resulting in a personal best average speed for “Sat Nav” – a fantastic 8m 12s per mile
Times were:
Name 28/07/2014 Speed
Bruce 5.00 00:49:20 00:09:52
Pete 5.00 00:41:00 00:08:12
Mike Y 5.00 00:34:53 00:06:59
Sue 5.00 00:46:52 00:09:22
Jo F 5.00 00:47:53 00:09:35
Mike H 5.00 00:41:00 00:08:12
Maggie 5.00 00:52:10 00:10:26
Charles 5.00 00:47:02 00:09:24
Jodi 5.00 00:52:10 00:10:26
Alistair 5.00 00:45:50 00:09:10
Greg 5.00 00:51:20 00:10:16
Another lovely evening in sunny Warsash for the run. Another good turn out and some fantastic performances this week. Greg had his fastest run since May and Mike beat the 7mins per mile barrier again!! “Sat Nav” who had his PB on this route last week missed the turn on Fleet End Road and ended up off track (Again!!) but still recorded his 2nd fastest time of the year!
Everyone did the 5 mile run again…
Name 04/08/2014 Speed
Bruce                  5.00 00:48:20 00:09:40
Sandy S 5.00 00:46:34 00:09:19
Pete 5.00 00:40:20 00:08:04
Mike Y 5.00 00:34:17 00:06:51
Sue 5.00 00:44:29 00:08:54
Mike H 5.00 00:42:00 00:08:24
Charles 5.00 00:46:24 00:09:17
Alistair 5.00 00:46:00 00:09:12
Greg 5.00 00:47:59 00:09:36


Mike improved on this course for the 3rd consecutive week, taking 3 seconds off last weeks fantastic result. Pete, who motivated “Sat Nav” to a PB on this route two weeks ago was again the motivator this week, this time aiding Mark (yes Me!) round the 5mile course, after having 2 weeks off running and consuming far to much I needed the motivating!! Alistair was also a tad slower this week after a weekend at a festival and Charles, having celebrated Arsenals success yesterday, found himself also 5 seconds slower! A little moral to this story I feel!!! Maggie was a little slower this week, but we can forgive her as her trainer turned red with blood from her toe not due to alcohol!! ( I hope its OK Mags!). Greg wasn’t able to match lasts weeks fantastic performance but at 9m 36s it was still awesome! Well done team. Next week we start the preparation for the Great South Run. A provisional schedule can be found at –

Name 11/08/2014 Speed
Mark 5.00 00:43:15 00:08:39
Pete 5.00 00:43:15 00:08:39
Mike Y 5.00 00:34:14 00:06:51
Mike H 5.00 00:52:32 00:10:30
Maggie 5.00 00:52:32 00:10:30
Charles 5.00 00:46:52 00:09:22
Alistair 5.00 00:46:25 00:09:17
Greg 5.00 00:48:51 00:09:46



The Great South Run 2014 Preparation

The Great South Run is coming round quick now. If you haven’t enrolled you can still do so quickly at It is the 25th anniversary of the run and likely to have more than 25,000 runners this year so don’t delay book it today! The running club has already planned a training schedule in preparation for the event. With the 10 week training plan starting on Monday 18th August!!

For the first 3 weeks of the plan we are focused on Fitness levels and particular raising the lactate threshold to allow the runners to run further at a faster speed. To do this we include several hills in to the planned route. The idea is for the runners to push themselves as hard as they can up the hills and then use the following downhill phase as a running recovery, so slowing down and allowing you to catch your breath. This training isn’t designed produce any quick times but will assist massively with the GSR preparation. The 2nd block of 3 runs will focus more on speed with a flatter route that the runners can blast! Then the final 3 runs, plus the 10 mile route at Lee-on-Solent will be putting it all together.

As part of the prep we will be running the Victory 10k on Sunday 14th September make sure you enrol soon as it is a busy run –

Day Date Event Detail
Monday 18/08/2014 NLT Running club Route 1 -6, 4 & 3 mile routes
Monday 25/08/2014 NLT Running club Route 1 -6, 4 & 3 mile routes
Monday 01/09/2014 NLT Running club Route 1 -6, 4 & 3 mile routes
Monday 08/09/2014 NLT Running club Speed & energy systems
Sunday 14/09/2014 Victory 10k
Monday 15/09/2014 NLT Running club Route 2 – 6, 4.5 & 3 miles
Monday 22/09/2014 NLT Running club Route 2 – 6, 4.5 & 3 miles
Monday 29/09/2014 NLT Running club Route 2 – 6, 4.5 & 3 miles
Monday 23/09/2013 NLT Running club Speed & energy systems
Monday 30/09/2013 NLT Running club Route 3 – 6.5, 5 & 3miles
Monday 06/10/2014 NLT Running club Route 3 – 6.5, 5 & 3miles
Sunday 12/10/2014 NLT Running club 10mile route – Lee-on-solent
Monday 13/10/2014 NLT Running club Small run & stretch session
Monday 20/10/2014 NLT Running club Route 3 – 6.5, 5 & 3miles
Saturday 25/10/2014 Portsmouth GSR – 5k Race
Sunday 26/10/2014 Portsmouth GSR – 10Mile Race
Monday 27/10/2014 NLT Running club Small run & stretch session
Monday 03/11/2013 NLT Running club Route 4 – 5, 4 & 3 miles

Running Club News 21/7/14

It was an extremely hot evening this evening which made it very uncomfortable for the runners. It was clear no records were going to be broken on this, the final attempt at this route. In fact many regular runners struggled to complete the route without a breather as the heat and lack of breeze made conditions very tough. Well done to those who pushed through to make it non stop and well done to all those who came along and attempted the run in this heat. It was still an enjoyable events all agreed and the route along the beach was probably the best move in these conditions with a small sea breeze.

Of the runners only Mike, Greg and Sandy improved on last weeks times. Mike took 29 seconds off last weeks time but it wasnt enough to beat his PB. Sandy achieved his course PB taking 3 seconds off last week and finally Greg was nearly a minute faster after he completed this weeks run non-stop and with a great sprint finish.

For Pete and Juliette it was their first attempt at this route and both did very well. Pete, still nursing an injured knee, completed the route in a very quick 8m 28s per mile, very impressive. Juliette did fantastic to keep going round the whole course, even though she wanted to stop on several occasions. Her 10m 38s per mile was very good!

Well done also to Sue, Jo, Alistair and Charles. In particular Jo, who finished in a sub-10mins per mile average was very impressive. Charles and Sue encouraged each other round in a very sociable run which has very much been the theme for this route. Alistair wasn’t able to keep up to last weeks fantastic performance but it was still a very good run.


Well done to you all. Next week Bruce, with Mikes assistance will be taking the club on a new set of routes. Good luck.

Name 21/07/2014 Speed
Mark 4.80 00:51:07 00:10:39
Sandy S 4.80 00:46:15 00:09:38
Pete 4.80 00:41:28 00:08:38
Mike Y 4.80 00:34:59 00:07:17
Sue 4.80 00:50:35 00:10:32
Jo F 4.80 00:47:10 00:09:50
Charles 4.80 00:50:02 00:10:25
Alistair 4.80 00:49:43 00:10:21
Greg 4.80 00:51:23 00:10:42
Julliette 4.8 00:51:03 00:10:38

Running Club News 14/7/14

It was our second of three runs along the beach at Warsash this evening. It was a cooler evening than last week as some welcome cloud cover came in to break up another hot day on the Southcoast. It was a good turn out for this evenings run too. Greg brought his son along, Craig, and the pair of them ran together for the 4.8mile route. Craig did fantastic completing the multi-terrain route non-stop, making it the furthest non-stop run he has done in recent times. Well done Craig. Greg really enjoyed himself as well, the slightly slower pace certainly helped Greg and will aid him in the future with his pace setting. Well done Gents!!

Back from Mexico for tonights run was Charles. He had a great time away but it didn’t seem to effect his running as he still finished this tough route in under 10 mins per mile! Welcome back Charles. Sandy was also back after an injury and it was good to see his Soleus manage the tough terrain of the beach without any problems. In fact, it was great to see everyone running together at the beginning of the run, making the whole event very sociable for the first 2 miles. The group splintered somewhat after the 2mile point, with Maggie and “Sat Nav” having to retire after Maggie had a re-occurance of a hip injury…hope youre OK Mags! At the front of the group Alistair and Jodi stretched their legs and took on a lead from the group finishing in a very quick average of 9m 34s per mile, Jodi’s second fastest run with the club!! In front of them was Mike, he had completed a half-marathon in London at the weekend and used this evenings run to loosen up his muscles again, a little slower than last week, but we will allow him that after a very quick time at the Weekend, well done Mike!

Well done to all the runners, Last time on this route next week.


Name 14/07/2014 Speed
Mark 4.80 00:47:52 00:09:58
Sandy S 4.80 00:46:30 00:09:41
Mike Y 4.80 00:35:28 00:07:23
Mike H 00:45:45 #DIV/0!
Maggie 00:45:45 #DIV/0!
Charles 4.80 00:47:52 00:09:58
Jodi 4.80 00:45:55 00:09:34
Alistair 4.80 00:45:55 00:09:34
Greg 4.80 00:55:52 00:11:38
Craig 4.80 00:55:52 00:11:38

Friday Running Club 11/7/14

This was the final run on this route and the final run for the Friday running club for a few weeks as we have a 4 week break. The break is due to courses and holidays but it will return on Friday 15th August as we start the 10 week plan towards the Great South Run!!!

Back to today though and a beautiful sunny morning greated the runners. We had Alistair back from Ibiza, who was clearly running to detox, he did a great time though, achieving less than 10mins per mile. Greg also had a great run although the conditions aren’t his favourite. He started fantastic as always leading the charge and setting the pace for the first 3miles. The stamina is coming though and I am sure he is getting a little further each run before the pace has to drop. Jo had a great run today as well, completing the run in just outside 10mins per mile. Finally Lindsey has a 10mile run on Sunday in the New Forest, a good run today non-stop has set her up well for Sundays challenge. Good luck Lindsey.

Remember Monday running club is on as usual while I am away, but Fridays is having a 4 week break.

Well done to all the runners.

Name 11/07/2014 Speed
Mark 4.16 00:42:25 00:10:12
Lindsey 4.16 00:43:33 00:10:28
Greg 4.16 00:42:25 00:10:12
Jo F 4.16 00:41:42 00:10:01
Alistair 4.16 00:40:20 00:09:42

Running Club News 7/7/14

For the next three weeks the running club is all about Fitness and Enjoyment (Fun!). The route for the next few weeks is not going to set any records or Personal Best times. But as the runners discovered this evening it is a very enjoyable route that tests you in different ways. It also takes you to places in Warsash that people who have lived here all their lives didnt even know exisited!! You can check out the route –

The route is Mikes’ regular run so he was familiar with the terrain and blasted it, completing the 4.8miles in just 34mins!! Nick was back to the club this evening having completed a 10k at the weekend he was keen to put in a good performance. Jo gave him a run for his money and only a sprint at the end gave him a 1 second advantage over Jo with both averaging around nine-and-a -half minute miles, well done!!

Jodi was also back this week having spent time abroad, along with Maggie they are still on the #100daysoffitness challenge they have set themselves and both of them worked really hard this evening to complete the tough route non-stop and in an excellent time! Well done girls keep it going!!

Finally Sue had a great run also, she even had chance to talk, on route, to her friend, Liz, and hopefully encourage her along next week!!

Well done runners this evening. You get chance to enjoy the route again next week!!

Name 07/07/2014 Speed
Nick 4.80 00:45:43 00:09:31
Mark 4.80 00:48:35 00:10:07
Mike Y 4.80 00:34:42 00:07:14
Sue 4.80 00:46:29 00:09:41
Jo F 4.80 00:45:44 00:09:32
Maggie 4.80 00:51:28 00:10:43
Jodi 4.80 00:50:20 00:10:29


Friday Running Club 4/7/14

It was due to be the hottest day of the year, but it didnt deter the runners who came along to improve on their times from last week. It was expected that the heat would really effect Greg but he set off like a rocket today, and he kept the fast pace up for over 3miles before slowing slightly in to the home straight. His 9m 42s per mile was his best average for nealry 2 months and shows he is back enjoying his running. Gregs performance may have been due to the longer warm up he performed in preparation – he had to park his car some way away from the park and ran to the start line!! It seemed to work though!

Jo also had a great run this morning, showing great consistency she finished about 10seconds behind her time of the previous week. Pete is still suffering from his knees but starting slower and building up the pace through the run seemed to help lots today as he, a bit like Jo, finished just 20 seconds behind his time of the previous week. Not bad given the heat today! Also running with the club this morning was Lindsey, she is undertaking a 10k on Sunday and wanted a good run today in preparation! She did fantastic, finishing with an average of just over 10mins per mile, which she should get under on Sunday with cooler conditions. Well done to all the runners today, same routes next week for the last time.


Name 04/07/2014 Speed
Mark 4.16 00:43:26 00:10:26
Lindsey 4.16 00:43:26 00:10:26
Pete 4.16 00:38:25 00:09:14
Greg 4.16 00:40:20 00:09:42
Jo F 4.16 00:39:15 00:09:26

Running Club News 30/6/14

This evening the running club had a competition night. The runners were split in to two teams and set the challenge of an “Out and Back!” run! The teams ran a route in opposing directions with the lead runners meeting in the middle (supposedly). Once the lead runners met they turned around and sprinted back to the start. On their return journey they “Tag” the rest of their team as they meet them, they also turn around and return to the start as quick as possible. The team to get all their runners back to the start first wins. It did take some explaining but once started the runners picked it up quickly. The purpose of this training was to improve peoples Anaerobic threshold, this will aid their running endurance and speed, check out  for more information. It certainly worked as the runners all put their effort in to the first run. In team 1 Mike captained Juliette, Sandy, Alistair and Jo, whilst Mark led Greg, Sue, Pete and Maggie.

The first run saw Mike and Mark meet on Peters Road and sprint back bringing their teams with them. It was a close finish with Mikes team completing their run as Marks team turned in to Osborne Road from Church Road, a win of about 80 meters – Close finish!! The runners needed a quick recovery as they had all work extrememly hard, with many working anaerobically – perfect for developing their fitness levels. The second run was not quite so quick, but it was Marks team who won this time with just 50 meters in it!!

Well done to all the runners. In total the teams ran for 46 minutes at a high intensity. The furthest runners covered 5.6miles in this time with the rest covering between 4 and 5.2 miles. It was agreed it was a good workout with many of them not realising they had run so far.

Next week we are planning a beginners route – 2.5miles and a 5mile route. See you then