Great South Run 2014 Results

New Life Training is a Running Club based in Warsash, Hampshire. For the past 5 years we have been training people up to run 10k races throughout the year with the focus on Achieving the Great South Run. This year we had the biggest turn-out from the running club ever with 24 people running the Great South Run associated with New Life Training. You can find out more on the Running Club at

New Life Training was formed in 2010 to help a couple of people prepare for the Great South Run. It was great that one of those people came back to NLT this year and once again ran with the club. Julie had a great run too. She has had little opportunity to prepare for this years run but with the assistance and motivation from Nic and Georgina, they all completed the run in style, with quite a few laughs and dances along the way! Also back this year was Sharon, she last ran with New Life Training at the GSR in 2011. She has been back to the club this year though and has been training hard at the Monday and Friday Run clubs. The training all paid off as well as she achieved her PB this year, taking nearly 11 minutes off her 2011 time. Sharon had a fantastic run and actually finished just 83rd in her category – BRILLIANT!!!

One of the best stories of the day was for Sue and Jo. Mother and Daughter finished just 1 minute apart, with Sue achieving an amazing 117th place in her category! It was at the finish line where emotions are high that they spotted Jo’s sister – Jess. She had flown in that morning from Canada to cheer them on at the finish line!! Neither Jo or Sue knew she was coming and it was a fantastic way to finish the race.

Lee had a great run with us this year at the GSR, but he couldn’t steel the limelight from his kids who participated in the Junior GSR the day before. Both Rue and Sophia were invited up to the gantry to help with the warm up before the race started and the family were invited to VIP hospitality over the whole weekend – Sophia has an amazing story to tell, which you can read HERE.

Sophia & Rue







The running club had 4 entries in the Orange wave, the “elite” wave. Only 3 ran in this wave though after Lindsey realised she had missed off the 1 hour part of the 1h 45mins on her application form! She decided to drop back in to the white wave and had a great run in there. She ended up 3 minutes ahead of her plan and 4 minutes better than last year to achieve a new PB for the GSR. In the Orange wave the 3 boys were being very competitive. Nick had an amazing run, finishing in just 85 minutes in the first 10 mile run since his last GSR adventure in 2012! This time was made all the more remarkable after he pulled his calf muscle at mile 2!! He still managed to get round in an awesome time. Rob had a fantastic run too. He was determined to beat Mark and his 79 minutes was brilliant. Mark felt the pressure too though and with Rob breathing down his neck (at the start line) he had to pull out his PB to make sure he wasn’t beaten.



IMG_20141026_131638 Nicks son, Henry, had a great run this year too. He beat last years time by just 23 seconds and still managed to post a “Selfie” on social media at every mile. I think a combination of his training partner and running partner on the day was something to do with the fantastic time Henry produced!




Charles has been with the running club now for a few years and has progressed brilliantly. It was a surprise that this was his first GSR, but he has always managed to get out of it with holidays abroad etc! This year though he was there and he enjoyed the day hugely. His 1h 45mins was very quick, but not as quick as the first celebratory drink afterwards! Well done Charles. For Greg, this was his 2nd GSR having caught the running bug last year. His training has been fantastic this year and he was well prepared. Gregs pace setting was fantastic and he averaged 12mins per mile, just as planned! He set himself a new PB by taking a huge 17minutes off last years time which placed him just 201st in his category. Well done Greg!
Alistair was another one to set a PB today! Alistair has run the last 4 GSRs with New Life Training, but this was by far his best! Smashing last years time by 8 minutes!!! Nearly a minute per mile quicker! He averaged under 10mins per mile this year which will be tough to beat next year Alistair!!

Sat Nav ran with us again this year, his first GSR since 2011! He ran alongside his daughter, Mags, whose preparation for the run had been full of incidence! A fall three weeks ago whilst out running almost forced Mags to withdraw after she damaged shoulder ligaments. Then a stomach bug last week forced her to curb her training again. She did brilliant though, making it round the 10mile course in style to complete her first ever GSR and have a huge sense of achievement!! Well done Mags and Mike!!

Sandy is another long standing member of the running club and has been attending for nearly 4 years! This was his first GSR since 2011 although he did take some persuading this time round!! Sandy, as always, was brilliant. He motivated anyone within ear shot of him as he completed the 10 miles with a great big smile on his face – the way the GSR should be run!!

Mandy is relatively new to the running club, having been invited along by Sharon she has shown a steady but consistent improvement at the Friday and Monday clubs in preparation for this years GSR. Her last run 3 years ago was 1h51m, so imagine her delight when she completed this years run in just 1h 37mins – fantastic – that’s over a minute per mile quicker this time!!!

We had a few runners associated with the running club for the GSR this year as well. Jody has been training alongside Mags and has been to the Box circuits class this year to get fit for today. I am sure she was very pleased with her 1h 44m. No pain no Elaine! also attends the NLT circuits class each week – Click HERE for details – her 1h 43m was superb and a new PB for her, beating last years time by 63 seconds. Kat has been to the running club a couple of times and it showed in her 1h 49min run, well done Kat! We also had Kevin and Ollie join the NLT team on the day. Fantastic run gentlemen!!

Name Time Distance Speed Pos
Mark 01:15:14 10 00:07:31 1407
Maggie 02:05:00 10 00:12:30 14654
Alistair 01:38:10 10 00:09:49 8752
Sandy 01:58:51 10 00:11:53 13958
Mike H 02:04:59 10 00:12:30 14653
Mandy 01:37:00 10 00:09:42 8316
Sharon 01:40:50 10 00:10:05 9705
Kat 01:49:03 10 00:10:54 12116
Charles 01:45:18 10 00:10:32 11123
Greg 02:02:19 10 00:12:14 14372
Lindsey 01:42:41 10 00:10:16 10306
Rob 01:19:36 10 00:07:58
GEM 02:27:49 10 00:14:47 15796
Nick C 01:25:43 10 00:08:34 4199
Henry 01:48:14 10 00:10:49 11902
Jo F 01:35:31 10 00:09:33 7762
Sue 01:34:29 10 00:09:27 7463
Jody 01:44:36 10 00:10:28 10929
Ollie 01:41:23 10 00:10:08 8118
Kevin 01:36:28 10 00:09:39
Elaine 01:43:38 10 00:10:22 10626
Julie J 02:27:49 10 00:14:47 15797
Kat 01:49:03 10 00:10:54 12116
Lee 01:25:19 10 00:08:32 4069
Nic Pook 02:27:48 10 00:14:47 15795



5 day push for NO MORE SUGAR!

We are nearing the end of October. How has the NO MORE SUGAR CAMPAIGN worked for you??
Lets go for one more big push and see what difference you can make!!

If you are serious about making the next 5 days your healthiest yet here are my top 10 NO MORE SUGAR tips:

1: Clear out the cupboards of all processed foods, cereals, biscuits, cakes all things sugary, processed food, all those treats you keep in for the kids.

Give them away to a food bank or charity. If you don’t have it in you can’t be tempted.
2: Do a 5 day food shop locally at the butchers, grocers & fishmongers. The produce is a much a higher quality than supermarkets.
3: Load up with a variety of meats, fish, eggs, tons of vegetables. Go easy on fruit, but grab a variety of nuts & seeds.
4: For 5 days give up gluten (all bread/cakes) Dairy especially cows milk. If you really cannot live without a cup of tea use a splash of almond milk.
5: Aim for 5 days alcohol free.
6: Aim to only eat 3 meals per day & NO snacking in between to regulate blood sugar levels.
7: Ditch the cereals for breakfast & eat a lunch style breakfast – Cereals long term make you fatter as they keep you on a blood sugar roller coaster.
8.Get the whole family involved. Get the kids motivated with prepping your food & meals. Teach them about eating clean, ditching ready meals, sugar & processed food.
9: Your mindset is crucial. Embrace this 5 day focus, feel & think positive. Any negative thoughts that come into your mind, kick them right out. Change your thoughts. Change your life.


10: Support is KEY. Use Social media connect with me on Facebook –,  text 07771985015 or e-mail Let me help and support you with this!!

My goal is to help as many people as I possibly can live fitter, slimmer, happier, healthier & prosperous lives.

I love to hear from you so get in contact and let me know how its going for you.



Here are 7 ways to get off sugar!!


Those pesky sugar cravings are INTENSE!!!!!!

Sugar actually changes your brain chemistry. Conclusive evidence shows us that sugar is highly addictive.

So, don’t panic if you find it tough & you are feeling the withdrawal effects .

Depending on your personality type there are 2 ways to tackle sugar:

1: All or Nothing.
Just go complete cold turkey & cut it out. Be ruthless.
Tell everyone around you what you are doing & to stay focused.

2: Cut down a little bit every day & ease your way out of it.

YOU know your personality so take control & go with the right method for you.

 7 ways To Get Off Sugar AND Lose Body Fat.

1: Start the day with a workout – Make it high Intensity if you can. A run, sprints up and down your staircase or a fitness DVD, whatever it takes for 10- 30mins. It will leave you feeling energised and ready for the day!!

2: Eat a protein rich lunch style breakfast.

Cut cereals out all all costs!!!

3: Eat only 3 meals & load up on green veggies.

4.Give fruit a miss for a week but again EAT LOADS OF VEGGIES.

5:Drink tons of bottled water & fruit teas.

6:No snacking.

7: BOOZE - The weekend has gone so no more alcohol for at least 5 days!

Remember ALL alcohol is sugar in various forms – Go easy!

Come on. You can do this.

Make a commitment & stick to it just take it day by day or even hour by hour.


Let me know how you get on

Running Club News 20/10

It was the final run from the New Life Training team before the Great South Run this Sunday!! For many it was an evening to do the homework set for them – some gentle exercise and a good stretch out. For Maggie, Sat Nav and Jodi it was an opportunity to do one more run before the big day. I am sure all three will take confidence from this evenings run going in to Sunday as well, They completed the 6mile route in under an hour, averaging under 10mins per mile, this would have them complete Sundays run in 1h 40mins……that would be awesome!! They looked strong at the end as well! Keep fresh now though, rest for Sunday and keep hydration levels high! For the others it was business as usual. For Mike, Tom and Pete are not running the GSR this year. Their performances tonight would warrant a place though. Mikes’ 6m 47s per mile would put him very high up the leader board in his category on Sunday. Pete also had a great run averaging under 9mins per mile. Tom was trying new in-soles and his description of them being more suited for a deep sea diver told a story, his 10m 15s per mile was all the more commendable!!

Next week we will do a one off short run and stretch session for those interested in losing off after Sundays run.

Name 20/10/2014 Speed
Mark 4.50 00:39:39 00:08:49
Pete 4.50 00:39:35 00:08:48
Mike Y 6.00 00:40:40 00:06:47
Mike H 6.00 00:59:54 00:09:59
Maggie 6.00 00:59:54 00:09:59
Jodi 6.00 00:59:54 00:09:59
Tom 4.5 00:46:08 00:10:15

Please contact me if you haven’t had a confirmation e-mail with Sundays itinerary. All should have received one from me by now

Finally, there is a Run England course for those people interested in helping out with the running club as Bruce does from time to time. The course provides you with a leader in run fitness certificate and would allow you to help, cover and contribute to the running club should you want to. The course will enable you to deliver fun and safe sessions to multi-ability groups and give advice and support to the new runner, as well as developing pathways for those who want to progress.  It focuses on understanding and overcoming barriers to participation in running and how to increase participation by those not traditionally attracted to a running club.  It is a legal requirement that you also have a DBS check with UK Athletics.

The course will take place at the River Park Leisure Centre in Winchester (please see attached document for location details). On November 23rd.

The course code will be SC0858. You can find more details at—central-to-successful-athletics/qualifying-as-a-coach

Let me know if you are interested!

Friday Running Club 17/10/14

Well all the hard work is now complete, there is nothing you can do this close to the race to improve your time apart from rest, eat properly and keep hydrated. Todays runners used the route to loosen off from the 10miles last Sunday and in Gregs situation practice pace setting for the big one in 9 days time. Greg had a pace setter with him throughout the run today and it helped (I hope). He kept his pace to 11m30s ish for the first 2 miles before getting excited again and increasing to 10m30s ish. Either way he is looking at a 1h50m run next Sunday a massive 30mins quicker than last year!! Mandy, Sharon and Alistair were all running-off last weeks 10mile, all feeling a little stiff and lethargic still. It was the perfect run though as they all set off nice and steady, not too quick and increased the pace as they loosened up. The final result was three very good runs!! All around 9mins per mile, well done team!!

You should all have received an e-mail itinerary for the Great South Run Day! If you haven’t please e-mail me at


Name 17/10/2014 Speed
Mark 5.00 00:51:55 00:10:23
Greg 5.00 00:51:52 00:10:22
Sharon 5.00 00:45:00 00:09:00
Mandy 5.00 00:45:00 00:09:00
Alistair 5.00 00:44:00 00:08:48

Keep on the Sugar Free Trip!



Are you staying on the sugar free trip?

If not, jump back on-board or join us if this is new to you!! The more you reduce your sugar consumption the better you will feel!!!

I’ve been pulling up some fascinating sugar research that will make a real difference to your lifestyle.

So do you ‘THINK” you are eating “healthy” & doing your best nutrition wise?
Are you finding that you are…….

a: Not getting the results from your nutrition & fitness plan?

b: Constantly suffering with niggly medical complaints/issues?

c: Suffering with niggly injuries?

d: Finding stress is piling up on you?

e:Insatiable sweet cravings that become uncontrollable?

f: Piling on weight?

Is this you?

Hidden sugars, sugars you may think are good for you and sweeteners are probably contributing MASSIVELY to all of the above.

1: Sugar Makes You Fat

The more you eat, the more you want.
Eat lots of sugars in any form, or things that turn into sugars very quickly in your body, and you end up dealing with constant cravings for sugary pick-me-ups and end up eating sugary foods all day long.

If you do that for long enough, you’ll find yourself needing to eat every couple of hours just to feel normal in your mood and energy

2: It keeps You Fat

Keep over-eating sugar & your pancreas will start overproducing the hormone insulin in an attempt to keep your blood sugars at a safe level.
All that extra insulin will keep your hunger triggered and block your body’s natural ability to release fatty acids to be burned.
Insulin tells your body to turn sugar into fat, to store that fat and to hang onto it for dear life.

3: It’s inflammatory.
Regular sugar consumption can lead to or worsen chronic inflammation in your body.
Chronic inflammation can negatively impact the functioning of your immune system. This is associated with multiple serious diseases, such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer and arthritis.
4:Booze makes you fat.

The sugar in alcohol is absorbed even faster than the sugars in foods.
We get distracted by its ability to relax us, but functionally alcohol is a sugar.
Let me know what you think about sugar and if you think it is impacting your lifestyle.

If you need help smashing the sugar addiction let me know

Running Club News 14/10/14

After Sundays 10 mile run around lee-on-Solent the runners could be forgiven for having a well earned rest this evening. Added to the fact it was a dark, dreary, cold and wet evening the numbers were slightly lower than usual. A big well done to Alistair, who was the only runner in attendance this evening who completed the L-o-S 10mile yesterday and also to Mike, who completed his own 10mile run yesterday in just 68m 29secs. (Glad he wasn’t running with us!). These guys were using this weeks run as a bit of a “loosener” following yesterday, but as it happened Alistair was only 106 seconds behind last weeks time and Mike was just 24 seconds away from another PB! Well done Gents!! Jo was also running this evening following a slight thigh strain. It really didnt seem to effect her though as she completed a new Personal Best speed of just 8m 44s per mile. Very quick Jo, and peaking at the right time with just 2 weeks to go now to the GSR!! Pete was also recovering from his knees and he was just 25 seconds behind last weeks time. Well done to all the runners this evening. Same route next week for the last time.

Can I remind people to book in for the Stubbington 10k as it is filling very quick, I have already enrolled, so be quick –

Also the Eastleigh 10k is available to book now too, I have also booked in on this one –

Finally, the schedule for the next few weeks -

Friday 17th 9.15am – Friday Running ClubMonday 20th 6.30pm – Monday Running Club
Friday 24th – NO RUNNING CLUB
Sunday 26th – Great South Run
Monday 27th – 6.30pm – short route to loosen up with extra stretch session!!
Friday 31st – NO RUNNING CLUB
Monday 3rd Nov – SPECIAL EVENT – Monday Running Club – The Handicap challenge!!
Friday 7th – Friday Running Club back to normal

This weeks times -

Name 13/10/2014 Speed
Mark 4.50 00:39:09 00:08:42
Pete 4.50 00:39:08 00:08:42
Mike Y 6.00 00:40:14 00:06:42
Jo F 4.50 00:39:19 00:08:44
Alistair 4.50 00:43:36 00:09:41


8 ways to Stop Sugar Cravings

8 Ways To Stop Sugar Cravings


How many of you managed the SUGAR FREE WEEKEND?? If you did, I want to hear about it! How did you do it? what did you eat? share you ideas and feedback!

We ran a pilot course in August and the two participants lost over a stone each. Already I have received this post and its not even half way through October -

“I have been doing this no sugar October for just over a week now and have managed to lose 5lbs so far!! Im so pleased!! Thanks to Mark for such fabulous PT sessions too!!!” (Toni, 10th October 2014)



You will get those sugary cravings though, we all do!!

So here are my 8 top tips to HALT those crazy cravings & stop them in bang in their tracks.

When cravings sneak into your brain and you simply CANNOT think of anything else but devouring a GALAXY Bar / a whole jar of peanut butter/ monster packs of M & M’s or whatever it may be -  here are my strategies…..

1: Do a HIIT Workout. A quick 10minute will flood your body and brain with happy hormones and provide you with a post workout high that replaces that sugar high.

2:DRINK first. You are more than likely dehydrated so drink a 1 litre of bottled water.

3:Eat more Vegetables. Load up at on your veggies at every meal. Veggies are filling & are amazing sources of fibre. They suppress hunger and keep you satisfied for longer.

4: Nuts. If you are really craving sugar then choose nuts. Not salted or roasted go for organic or natural. Almonds, Hazelnuts, Cashews are fab.


5: STRESS will definitely play a massive role in your cravings. Try practising meditation on a daily basis.

Start with 2 minutes & build up your daily practice.

6: SLEEP is the body’s reset button and in the case of sugar cravings insufficient sleep will drive your cravings into overdrive.
Go to bed early and sleep in a bat cave switching of all infra-red stand bys & phones, you want it to be pitch black!!

7: Use positive affirmations. Have a daily mantra that you use and replay in your mind. it could be “I only choose to
eat healthy food” and when faced with a craving focus on your mantra. Write it down and stick it on your treat cupboard – better still don’t have a treat cupboard, but put your mantra where you will see it every day.


8: THINK FORWARD.  Always “think forward” – think about how you will feel if you cave-in and eat a bag of M & M’s/Galaxy/Peanut butter jar etc etc.,  Think of the guilt!!! Recreate the feeling of bloatedness, feeling tired, feeling sick even, recreate these feelings in your mind, that should be enough to snap you out of it.

You know you will feel shitty after you’ve caved & you don’t want to feel that way so go for nuts instead.


Let me know how it goes. I’ve had some great feedback so far. e-mail I’d particularly like to know what low sugar recipes you are using to share.

Lee-on-Solent 10mile

Today was one of the last opportunities to run a long distance before the Great South Run two weeks time. The weather was perfect for such a run. Much better than the torrential rain we had for this run last year. Hopefully we will have this weather for the main event in a couple of weeks.

For many this was the furthest distance they had run ever…or at least since the last GSR! So it was a chance to clear some cobwebs out and go for it. 10 miles is a long way and it is all about pacing yourself. Greg started fantastic, using his watch and companions he kept to a 9m 43s pace for the first two miles, and was looking good! He then had a rush of blood to the head and accelerated away, but he held it together well and his fitness is much improved as he finished strong with an average of 11m34s this would take over 20minuters off his GSR time compared to last year!!

Nick was a spectator last year taking photos as we ran round in the rain. He set off as if to make a statement this year, but it doesnt seem to be a lucky run for Nick as after nearly 3 miles he had to pull up with tight calves and retire from the race. Hopefully all will be well ready for the GSR!!

Rob won the toss in his house and came along at the expense of his wife, Lindsey. He found his pace early on and kept to it. He slowed at mile 8-9 but on seeing Mark catching him up he accelerated away to claim first place in a great average of 7m 48s. This will be Robs first GSR and he will really being putting Mark under pressure for the first place in the run!! Lee was not too far behind Rob, he kept him in his sights all the way round (so not to get lost!) and even though his calves tightened at the end he still managed to complete the run in just over 8mins per mile.

Charles was back from Mexico and fueled by fajitas he had a great run, building up the pace with each mile! I have posted the 2013 times for this run as well and you can see he beat it by 16 seconds – Mr Consistent. One of the biggest improvements today came from Alistair. His fitness this year has massively improved and he his pacing himself much better too. Another consistent run resulted in a 9m 36s average – that is nearly 1 minute per mile quicker than last year, a huge improvement!

Mandy has been awesome since joining the running club just a few weeks a go. Today was no different. She blasted round the course and didnt even look out of breath when she finished with a 9m 21s average!!! She will certainly be inside 100mins at the GSR!!! Sharon also had a great run finishing strongly, she came in just behind Alistair in an amazing average of just over 9m30s per mile. This is an amazing 3minutes per mile quicker than her average in 2012, WOW!!!!! Well done Sharon!!!

Great run team. I will send out a plan for the GSR in the next few days on here. In the meantime, get yourselves booked on the Stubbington 10k as places are filling very quickly


Name Distance Time Ave Speed
Greg 9.50 01:49:50 00:11:34
Charles 9.50 01:40:30 00:10:35
Mark 9.50 01:15:20 00:07:56
Sharon 9.50 01:31:14 00:09:36
Alistair 9.50 01:31:15 00:09:36
Mandy 9.50 01:28:50 00:09:21
Rob 9.50 01:14:10 00:07:48
Lee 9.50 01:17:30 00:08:09


Name Distance Time Ave Speed
Kate 9.40 01:45:15 00:11:12
Lindsey 9.40 01:42:00 00:10:51
Mark 9.40 01:27:10 00:09:16
Charles 9.40 01:40:46 00:10:43
Alistair 9.40 01:38:20 00:10:28
Louise 9.40 01:42:00 00:10:51
Henry 9.40 01:27:10 00:09:16
Paul 9.40 01:28:45 00:09:26
Martin 9.40 01:28:45 00:09:26
Name Distance Time Ave Speed
Paul N 9.40 01:29:00 00:09:28
Bruce 9.40 01:36:00 00:10:13
Nick C 9.40 01:16:50 00:08:10
Mark 6.40 01:00:10 00:09:24
Liam 6.20 01:05:19 00:10:32
Christine 9.40 01:34:00 00:10:00
Fraser 9.40 01:15:15 00:08:00
Sharon 6.20 01:18:01 00:12:35

Friday Running Club News 10/10/14

Just a little rain to keep the dust down today as the runners were put through their paces on the 5mile circuit today. Some great performances too, as all the runners today improved on their times from last week on the same route. The biggest improvement of the day was from Greg. He had a weeks rest and it looked to have done him some good. With a good starting pace Greg was able to build up the speed slowly and knock a massive 4m 123s off last weeks time! Fantastic!!

Mandy was late for work again this week so she had to go faster. I have realised if we talk more before we run she has less time to run in and so has to go faster. I may bring a picnic next week and see how fast she goes after that!! This week though she knocked off over a minute from last weeks time to show she is still getting faster!! Sharon also knocked off a minute from last week in another great run, those new trainers really making a difference!! Jules was also quicker by 40seconds or so to make it a clean sweep of improvements this week. Well done team Awesome!!

We have the Lee-on-Solent run this Sunday. If you are doing the run but haven’t received an email from me please get in touch asap –

Same route next week but there will be no Running club on Friday 24th due to the GSR!

Name 10/10/2014 Speed
Mark 5.00 00:50:41 00:10:08
Greg 5.00 00:48:05 00:09:37
Juliette 5.00 00:50:41 00:10:08
Sharon 5.00 00:45:55 00:09:11
Mandy 5.00 00:43:10 00:08:38